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Medieval Heavy Cavalry

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These are resin 3D printed heavy cavalry from Highland Miniatures, available in several different options.

Command Group - A musician, champion and standard bearer mounted on horseback.
Core - 6 models (2 of each sculpt) of heavy cavalry to fill a unit.
Command and Core - This contains both the command and the core for a total of models.
Unit addon - This contains 3 models ( 1 of each sculpt) of heavy cavalry to add to a unit.

All parts are inspected to ensure there are no printing defects, but there may be small marks left from the removal of supports. This is unavoidable but easily fixed with either liquid greenstuff or a small amount of modelling putty.

These models are supplied without bases, but I do sell a variety of different themed bases to help customise and make the models your own!

Although the majority of the time orders are printed in grey resin, occassionally they may be printed in another colour due to availability, stock etc.

Thanks for looking!